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I began my business of keeping and breeding snakes back in 1993, working with king snakes, corn snakes, and milk snakes. Then I saw the piebald and fell in love!  In 1997 I went and purchased 2.2 het for piebald the day after they were proven the trait genetic!  And...I've been working with ball pythons ever since.
I hope you all find the site educational and useful and enjoy the variety of photos that I've taken over the years!  Being a retired school teacher of thirty years, I am easily available to answer questions via both email and telephone.  If you're interested in an animal, please feel free to Drop me a line! Make sure you bookmark this page now. You will not be sorry you did!

Now serving the public for over two decades.




Working with the following ball morphs:
Albinos ~ Axanthics ~ Black Pastels ~ Butter ~ Clowns ~ Caramel Albinos ~ Enchi ~ Fires ~ Genetic Stripes
Ghosts ~ Lavender Albinos ~ Lesser Platinums ~ Mojaves ~ Pastels ~ Piebalds ~ Pinstripes ~ Spiders
See all of them in "The Ball Room!" Pour yourself a cup of coffee or an adult beverage and enjoy my site. You are all welcome here..........

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